Shawn Graham

Tangible progress on my research project came to a bit of a halt over reading week. The project itself hangs in stasis; still waiting on me to scan many of the plates from the atlas I mentioned last post. I’ve continued to trawl for information, but have found that I […]

Explore Ottawa Remixed

While I continue futzing with Twine and getting my geolocation triggers to work properly, I’ve turned my focus more towards the actual content of my piece. Dr. Graham has emphasized that I need to know exactly what story I want to tell regarding the Carleton campus space, seeing as there […]

Summarizing September

We’re going time travelling! Well, not really, but we’re going to pretend it’s last week because that is when this blog post should have been up. If anyone has cruised through my experience with 3907B last semester, you may have already picked up on the fact that I am a […]

Geolocation Hack in Twine and Attempting to Troubleshoot

Hi there! I figure it would probably be a good idea to give some background on myself before jumping head first into this little adventure. My name is Kathryn Greenan, and I’m a third year history student at Carleton University. You probably already know me, or at least my type: […]

And we’re off!